Oklahoma Property Management Professionals

Mission Statement

Northstar Properties is dedicated to delivering a maximum rate of return to its investors while enhancing and preserving the long-term value of the asset; made possible by its experienced management team whose core talents reside in Property Management, Finance, Administration, Construction, Development, Rehabilitation, and Modernization.

About Us:

Founded in 2004 by long-time partners, Patrick Cooney, Salvatore Di Mercurio, and Edmond Carlson, Northstar Properties was formed with a vision to create and maintain an industry leading, revolutionary property management company. Edmond Carlson, a then twenty year veteran of the multi-family housing industry, envisioned what a synergistic team, focused solely on property management, could do for its investors. With his dedication to honesty, integrity, along with his commitment to long-term relationships, employee education programs, and his proven track record as one of the best property management professionals in the industry, he was able to quickly assemble a team of proven industry performers that far exceeded his expectations. After Edmond’s passing in 2016, his wife, Ann became involved in the ongoing tradition that Patrick and Salvatore began. Each family’s next generation has become an integral part of Northstar’s local and national excellence.

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