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7 tips for staying cool during summer heat


The hottest days of the year are right around the corner, but rather than sit around miserable there are some strategies you can use to say cool and comfortable.
Take a swim, go to the lake or visit a splash pad
Jump into a body of water to cool off on the hottest days. […]

9 tips for renters to save on their electric bill this summer

In summer, Oklahoma heat is unforgiving. As the temperature spikes, so can your electric bill,  but these strategies can help you reduce your electric usage and stay cool. 
Seal window cracks to prevent heat from pouring into your apartment or home
Most people work to seal windows in their home or apartment in the winter to […]

7 Unique Museums in Oklahoma City Metro to Visit This Summer

Summer break is a great time to dedicate warm afternoons to learning new things at museums in the area. Take a few hours or an entire day, schedule a tour or just take a look around. Either way, new experiences are waiting.

Overholser Mansion

Tour a 12,000 square foot historic mansion located on the […]

Top 15 Places to Visit in Oklahoma

As summer closes in, longer days will call for creativity for spare time. You and your family or friends will be looking for few new, interesting activities since school will be out. We propose this list of 15 fun attractions in Oklahoma – ranging from indoor to outdoor and active to calm. You’re sure […]

The Best (and Not So Best) Things About Living Off-Campus

Living off-campus is something almost every college freshman looks forward to after only two weeks in the residence halls. There’s appeal to having your own space and setting your own rules. No resident advisor, no parents and most importantly, your own room. There are minimal drawbacks and endless benefits, but we’ll cover just a […]

Your Guide to Off-Campus Living

After a year or two in the dorms, you’re ready to make it on your own! Or, maybe you’re graduating and they just won’t let you crash on campus anymore. Summer is the perfect time to move into that new apartment and since we’re nearing the end of the semester, it’s time to start […]

8 Topics to Consider Before Choosing a Roommate

Choosing a roommate is never an easy task. Since they’ll be sharing a part of your life with you, it’s important to ensure your living styles complement each other. Here’s a list of the 8 most important topics to discuss when searching for a roommate.
Cleaning When discussing cleanliness with potential roommates, it’s important to […]

15 Questions to Ask Before Renting an Apartment

Whether it’s your first apartment or you’re a seasoned renter, there are several pitfalls that take place when apartment hunting. It’s easy to think about the fun aspects of renting. You know — decorating, hosting parties, relaxing on the patio.
But, while you’re there daydreaming, the landlord is skimming over rules and fees that […]

5 Things a Dog Can Do to Make Apartment Living Easy

As a dog, you have very few responsibilities. Being a dog in an apartment can be a bit more challenging, though — even in pet-friendly apartments. There isn’t as much room to play, which you love doing. Your human may have a smaller closet with fewer shoes, which you love chewing up. However, dog […]

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4 Ways to Maximize Space in Your Apartment

Whether you rent a home or large floor plan apartment, clutter certainly works in mysterious ways. Junk mail, shoes, receipts and everyday items quickly begin establishing a home of their own — leaving you with less space and more frustrations.
Though a lack of storage can be your worst enemy, it also forces you to […]