11 ideas to decorate your apartment living space for the holidays



The last two months of the year are full of cheer, hot beverages, warm fires, lots of family time and fun decorations. What’s not to love?

It’s fun to get creative when decorating for the holidays, but with limited space things can get tricky. Luckily there are many ways to showcase your style while keeping things simple, small and stress-free.


1.  Say no to wall damage

Regardless if it is Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other holiday, It doesn’t make sense to cause damage by using nails and screws for a temporary occasion. You also might have lease terms prohibiting the use of fasteners because it will put holes in the walls.

Instead, use adhesive hooks because they can be used again when the holidays are over. These can be found in most department stores and come in a variety of designs for different uses. Another practical option is Washi tape, and it comes in a variety of decorative prints.


2. Pinecones are nature’s gift during the holidays

Grab a basket and visit a neighborhood park to pick up some pinecones. Paint them green and apply a star to the top to make miniature Christmas trees. You can also attach string or ribbon to use them as ornaments. Pinecones are great for both Thanksgiving or Christmas if you decorate them to fit the season. Since they are free, grab a few, paint them to match your theme and then just throw them away.


3. Choose bright colors

Think outside of the box when picking colors for your holiday displays. Fun colors such as orange, pink, blue, and yellow will brighten places with inadequate lighting such as apartments with small windows.  In small spaces, sometimes it helps to ask yourself, “what other purposes will this serve,” before you buy a new decoration. If it doesn’t have more than one use or one season, then keep hunting down other options. .


4. Display children’s artwork, or make your own.

If you have children, it’s hard not to love the festive drawings and paintings they bring home each year around Thanksgiving and Christmas. Instead of stashing these away, display them in your apartment using decorative washi tape to secure them to the wall. They will appreciate your use of them, and it is fun to see how their artistic abilities change over the years. Don’t have kids? PBS has a lot of simple ideas that can be fun to do yourself.  


5. Transform Thanksgiving into Christmas

Transforming holiday decorations save you time and money. Christmas garland pairs nicely with harvest décor for Thanksgiving. Find a neutral (but festive) tablecloth and matching candles. A light beige may match your orange Thanksgiving decor, but also match your white Christmas theme. Make your wreaths easy to transform. A green wreath decorated with small plastic pumpkins can easily be changed by removing the pumpkins and adding Christmas bulbs.


6. Show off your Christmas cards

Grab a piece of cardboard, wrapping paper, ribbon, and clothespins for an easy way to display your Christmas cards. Wrap the cardboard tightly with wrapping paper, then add the ribbon by wrapping around to the back and fastening with tape. Attach Christmas cards each time you receive them to the ribbon with a clothespin. You can typically find these supplies around your apartment and it's cheap enough to discard so you won’t waste space when packing up.


7. Think small when it comes to the tree

Miniature artifical trees are a good option for small spaces. They have pre-lit versions and miniature ornaments available for decoration. To get a real feel, you can gather pine branches and place into decorative vases filled with water.


Half trees are even an option for someone who only has a tight corner to fit their festive tree.


8. Use Christmas bulbs all

Don’t pack up your holiday decorations after the first of the year, they can still serve a purpose in your apartment. Place them inside glass vases or bowls to create a unique look. Pair them with artificial flowers or leave them by themselves. When you’re shopping for holiday decorations, keep in mind colors that fit into your apartment's year-round color scheme.


9. Hang your stockings without a fireplace

If your apartment doesn’t have a fireplace, use adhesive hooks to hang stockings. Take it a step further and weave lights or garland through the hooks before each stocking is hung. You don’t need a big mantel to have a fun display. If your kids ask how Santa makes it inside, then just tell them he doesn’t need a chimney to deliver their presents because he is magic.


10. Choose sturdy decorations and protect your breakables

Be practical when it comes to storage after the holidays are over. Breakables can be a hassle to wrap when placing into storage containers. Try finding wooden or plastic figures that can be easily packed when they’re not in use.

You probably won’t live in your apartment forever, so keep movability in mind If you buying new decor. If you do have breakables, reuse your wrapping paper after opening gifts to keep them safe, and always save the packing materials to use year after year.  


11. Utilize unused spaces for storage

With small living
spaces it can be difficult to find spots to hide bulky tubs. Try finding shallow but wide containers that easily slide in unused spaces like under couches and beds.  Put shelving units in an outdoor closet or even a coat closet to better utilize vertical space. If you have to, rent a small storage unit or ask a family member to borrow some attic space.

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