2016 Awards: Going out With a Bang

Our Northstar Properties team is always striving for excellence. Recently, we attended the Tulsa Apartment Association’s 2016 Zenith Awards where one of our own was recognized for their great performance. 

Javier Brizuela was awarded Lead Technician of the Year for a property of 176 to 275 units. We’re so proud of all that he’s accomplished and look forward to his continuous success in 2017. 

Each year around this time, we close out with our Employee Holiday Party. Our staff from so many communities gather around, have a good laugh, indulge in some delicious food and look back on all the great things that happened this past year. 

As an added bonus, we love to engage in a little friendly competition. We’re excited to recognize the following for their contributions in 2016: 

Individual Awards

  • Rookie Leasing Agent of the Year: Sasha Thomas
  • Rookie Manager of the Year: Jason De La Pena
  • Rookie Service Technician of the Year: Mauricio Martinez
  • On Call Champ: Gombu Sherpa
  • Work Order Stud: Bubba Lancaster 
  • Top Leaser of the Year: David Curley – 225
  • 2nd place – Atria Rojo – 180
  • 3rd place- Jennifer Guthrie — 127
  • Leasing Agent of the Year: Atria Rojo
  • Make Ready Tech of the Year: Rusty Jarvis 
  • Leasing Congeniality of the Year: Jennifer Guthrie
  • Manager Congeniality of the Year: Courtney Arnold 
  • Assistant Manager of the Year: Michelle White
  • Manager of the Year: Debie Phillips
  • Lead Tech of the Year: Javier Brizuela
  • Customer Service Person of the Year: Gretchen Jackson
  • Star Employee: Lindsay Bowen

Community Awards

  • Service Team of the Year: Coventry Park 
  • Make Ready Property: Savannah Ridge
  • Highest Consistent Occupancy of the Year: Kickingbird Hills 
  • 2nd Place – Quail Run 
  • 3rd Place – Kickingbird 
  • Property of the Year: Kickingbird/Kickingbird Hills