4 Ways to Maximize Space in Your Apartment

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Whether you rent a home or large floor plan apartment, clutter certainly works in mysterious ways. Junk mail, shoes, receipts and everyday items quickly begin establishing a home of their own — leaving you with less space and more frustrations.

Though a lack of storage can be your worst enemy, it also forces you to get a little creative. We’ve come up with four ways to maximize space in your apartment so you can spend less time hiding clutter and more time doing the things you love!

Create Hidden Storage

Lacking storage closets? Don’t fret, there are plenty of ways to incorporate hidden storage. Choose a bed with high legs or cabinets underneath for shoes and heavier items. If you’re looking to maximize space in the kitchen, evaluate what appliances you use most often and placed unused items on top shelves or above the cabinets themselves.
If your bookshelves are holding an eclectic collection of random objects, take advantage of decorative bins and crates. They’re perfect for stashing away media cords, remotes and more.

Stay Organized

If you’re keeping your personal items in hidden storage areas, make an inventory while putting things away and document it with an organizational map. That way, when you need to find your wrapping paper to prepare a gift, you can consult the map and quickly remember where you stored it months before.
If you’re hiding away documents or collections of anything in particular, make sure to develop a proper inventory system so you’ll be able to locate them later.

Use Multipurpose Furniture

Need some extra seating? Look for ottomans that also serve as storage solutions. Need some table space in the living room? Consider nesting tables that can easily be maneuvered. If you have an extra bedroom serving as an office, find a sofa that serves as a pull-out bed when you have guests staying over.
Incorporating pieces that serve more than one purpose instantly tuck away clutter while providing you with much-needed space.

Think Vertical

If you’re bumping bows, it’s time to start looking up. Floating shelves are an amazing investment for studios and large floor plans alike, and allow you to maximize closet and cabinet space. Not ready to drill into the walls? There are plenty of standing shelving units and bookshelves to choose from as well.

What other tips do you have to maximize space in your apartment? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below and give Northstar Properties a call if you’re interested in touring any of our apartments!