8 Topics to Consider Before Choosing a Roommate


Choosing a roommate is never an easy task. Since they’ll be sharing a part of your life with you, it’s important to ensure your living styles complement each other. Here’s a list of the 8 most important topics to discuss when searching for a roommate.


When discussing cleanliness with potential roommates, it’s important to be honest. If you only wash dishes once the sink is full, let them know. If you Lysol the countertops three times a day, let them know. Neither habit is better or worse, there just needs to be a discussion on how to balance these habits before moving in. If there are major differences, it’s okay to move on and look for a roommate that cleans similar to you.


People use their home for sleeping more than anything else. If your sleeping schedule is opposite that of your roommate, you may run into trouble. If a roommate can’t sleep through the smallest noise, that may limit what the other roommate can do in their own home. Make it a point to discuss common sleeping habits — like needing a window open or sound machine to fall asleep. Though these may seem like small considerations, but it’s best to talk things out now.

Guests and Significant Others

Sharing a home with another person also means sharing your home with their guests. Maybe both of you are party animals or maybe one of you considers “ a few friends over for tea” a party? To figure out those similarities and differences, take initiative and ask. Additionally, consider guests who may be visiting more frequently, like a significant other, and how you feel about that. Make your preferences known and be aware of theirs before signing the lease.

Environmental Impacts

How someone feels about the environment doesn’t seem like a big deal, but these opinions can affect a roommate dynamic. Ask your potential roommate about their environmental consciousness because it can affect how you both handle tasks like taking out the trash, running the AC, or even cooking. Though it may seem like a personal opinion, asking about their preferences is the only way to ensure they align with yours.

Past Roommates

If your potential roommate had issues in the past, you may find this information beneficial. Some problems may have been caused by the other person, but they’re probably not blame-free in every issue with past roommates. Find out what aspects makes them difficult to live with. If those quirks are balanced or matched by yours, you may have a good fit. If not, don’t be afraid to part ways — keeping things civil.


Daily schedules can make or break a happy living situation. If roommate schedules are too similar, there may not be enough alone time. On the other end of the spectrum, schedules that differ too much may cause distance and negative feelings. Schedules may affect other things such as guests visiting, cleaning, and sleeping habits. Before taking the plunge in living together, discuss how much time you’ll be spending at home, work, out of the house, and check if your schedules correlate well.


Pets are another roommate you have to care for entirely. Most leases outline pet restrictions, but it’s important to establish your own. If your potential roommate can’t say no to that cute furball on the roadside, but you don’t want to pay the pet deposit, you shouldn’t be roommates. Allergies and guests with pets should be also be addressed in the conversation.


This is a broad topic to discuss with a potential roommate because you don’t know what hobbies they may have. And maybe, their hobby is a deal breaker you hadn’t considered. Talk with them about your quirks or odd interests, asking (without judgment) about theirs. This topic can address core values that may differ between you two, which could be valuable to know before moving in with someone.

Finding the perfect roommate is a difficult but not an impossible process. For more information on our multiple or single bedroom properties, please contact our team at 405-310-6450.