7 Tips for Staying Cool During Summer Heat


The hottest days of the year are right around the corner, but rather than sit around miserable there are some strategies you can use to say cool and comfortable.

Take a swim, go to the lake or visit a splash pad

Jump into a body of water to cool off on the hottest days. Luckily there are plenty of options for families and friends to take a swim in the Oklahoma City Metro. Go boating at Lake Arcadia or Lake Hefner. Take a canoe down the Oklahoma River. Enroll your kids in swimming lessons at the Earlywine and Will Rogers Family Aquatic Centers, or cannonball off a diving board at Westwood Water Park in Norman.

Go to a local museum

The area is packed full of museums both big and small for you to visit the metro. If it is a triple-digit day and nothing can beat the heat, a cool museum or library may do the trick. Go to the Museum of Osteology or the Science Museum of Oklahoma. The Oklahoma City library is another great place to retreat with a good book for several hours until the unforgiving sun decides to set.

Stay hydrated with water and other refreshing beverages

The rule of thumb is to drink enough water to prevent thirst. Ice cold water can help keep you cool, but more importantly it is the best way to avoid any heat-related illnesses. If you are working or keeping active, The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)  recommends that for moderate activity in moderate conditions, each worker should drink 1 cup of water every 15 to 20 minutes.

Sleep and sit low to the ground

Cold air circulates lower to the ground. Ceiling fans can help stir the air some, but sleeping low to the ground and sitting near the floor will help you stay cool. Cuddling increases body temperature, so it is better to sleep alone and spread out rather than curl up.

Stay out of the sun

If you go outside, stay in the shade. Direct sunlight makes the air feel 10 to 15 degrees warmer, and it also increases the chances of a burn.Wear lighter cotton clothes because the fabric will absorb less light and keep you cooler.

Eat some ice cream

As if you needed any other excuse to eat this delicious treat, taking a few bites of cold ice cream can help you remain comfortable in hot weather. Anything ingested that is lower than the body temperature whether it is ice tea or ice cream, it will produce a cooling effect. However, the digestion process 15 to 20 minutes following the consumption may increase your body temperature. So break the rules and jump in the pool after you eat it.

Freeze the sheets

Before heading off to bed, grab your sheets from the freezer. Be sure that you store them in a ziplock bag (unless you like smelling frozen vegetables and pizza while you sleep.) The sheets will eventually warm up, but the goal is to fall asleep without being hot. 

NorthStar Properties maintains efficient units that can keep you cool during hot summer months. Contact us to learn more about available units, and our other amenities that may keep you from overheating on hot days, like an outdoor pool.