8 Ways to Prepare Your Apartment for Winter

8 Ways to Prepare Your Apartment for Winter.jpg

As temperatures begin to drop, we find ourselves preparing for yet another freezing Oklahoma winter. You’d expect your home to stay nice and cozy, but utility bills always have a way of sneaking up on you. Taking some time to winterize your home ensures the heat stays in and the ridiculous bills keep out. Send those seasonal blues packing with these eight ways to prepare your apartment for winter.


1. Check your heating vents.

Before the weather starts getting chilly, test your heating system to ensure it’s working properly. If you notice any issues, contact your leasing office or landlord to get it fixed before you’ll actually need it. Being proactive with maintenance is always a good idea. 

Additionally, ensure there aren’t any pieces of furniture blocking the heating vents. This will prevent air flow and circulation in your apartment. Lastly, check that your air filters are clean. Your system will work twice as hard if it’s running on dirty filters.


2. Close and insulate your windows.

Check all the windows in your apartment to make sure they’re properly closed and locked. Heat can easily escape through cracks and gaps in the window frames so it’s important to identify the root of the problem. You can look into window insulation kits at your local home improvement store or simply opt for heavier fabric curtains.


3. Draft-proof your doors.

Another place heat escapes is the gap where the door meets the floor. Consider purchasing a door sweep or draft stopper to help alleviate the drafts. If you’re feeling extra crafty, you can explore some DIY versions here.


4. Change out your textiles.

It’s a great idea to draw the curtains and let a little sunlight in. But at night, your apartment will need some more insulation. As we mentioned earlier, thick dark curtains help keep the heat indoors. Another option is using plush rugs, heavy knit throws and thermal furniture covers.


5. Isolate unused spaces.

A surprisingly simple way to lower your heating bills is by closing off the unused spaces in your apartment. Not using your closet at the moment? Shut the door. Only use the laundry room once a week? Keep it closed. This keeps warm air circulating in smaller spaces — heating rooms more efficiently. 


6. Set ceiling fans on reverse.

Another pro tip for keeping your apartment warm is flipping the switch on your ceiling fans. When you do so, you’re changing the rotation of the fan blades — directing the warm air back down into the room.


7. Swap out your bedding.

If your bedroom has large windows or is facing an outside wall, consider swapping out your bedding for the season. There are countless flannel and thermal sheet sets to choose from. Or, if you don’t like direct heat, you can layer on some extra throw blankets.


8. Consider a portable heater.

Worst case scenario, shop for small heat sources. This can be space heaters and electric blankets. They’re not super expensive but can really pack a punch when it comes to heating up a room. We recommend using them in the areas of your apartment you use most. This will save your heating system from working extra hard.


By doing a little trial and error, these eight ways to prepare your apartment for winter can help you create a fortress of warmth. An often overlooked benefit of renting an apartment means you won’t have to undertake any huge tasks in terms of insulation. So go on, test out your system, call maintenance if you have to, and begin developing the ultimate insulation game plan for your space!

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