5 Things a Dog Can Do to Make Apartment Living Easy


As a dog, you have very few responsibilities. Being a dog in an apartment can be a bit more challenging, though — even in pet-friendly apartments. There isn’t as much room to play, which you love doing. Your human may have a smaller closet with fewer shoes, which you love chewing up. However, dog life in an apartment can be wonderful as long as your human is happy.

Here are five things you can do to make your human happier and take care of what truly matters, YOU.

Make sure you get some time outside.

The hardest part about being a dog in an apartment is usually space. There just isn’t room for you to run around and play as much as you want. To keep this from affecting you, make sure to ask your human to go out regularly. Some pet-friendly apartments even offer amenities like dog parks. In fact, encouraging your human to take you out consistently for a walk or run helps keep your energy in check. Since the furniture always seems to be so chewable, using up energy outside is a great way to keep your human happy.

Have your own space in the apartment.

Your human may allow you on the couch and in their bed from time to time, but it’s important to designate an area for yourself. This is useful when you get in trouble and your human needs some space to cool off. It is also useful for you to have a place to relax and keep your toys. Most of the time when your human is exhausted or stressed, they want you to be there with them. But, similarly, they need some alone time while you might also need some space to call your own.

Use the restroom on schedule.

The number one way to keep your human happy is not using the floor or carpet as a restroom. I get it! They haven’t been home in a while, you drank too much water after your morning walk, and you really have to go. Accidents happen. But, if you designate using the restroom consistently when your human takes you out (see tip 1) then everyone in the apartment stays happy. The tricky part is getting your human to stick to that time schedule. You may still need to ask to go out from time to time, but your human should be patient with this.

Be open to training.

Training is a tough one because sometimes your human just doesn’t make sense. They seem to always make the weirdest requests. Like hand shaking? Oh well, you still get a treat at the end of training so it’s well worth it. Not only that, but other humans will be so impressed with you and your human if you are trained well. This really helps in apartments because a well-trained dog will always make an apartment owner feel better about letting you live there. At pet-friendly apartments, there are usually dog treats offered at the front desk and you can show off your training for snacks.

Comfort and love your human.

The best way to keep your human happy when you live in an apartment is to continuously love and comfort them. Life as a human is hard, but they loved you so much that it is worth the extra trouble. Don’t forget to snuggle them at night, greet them right when they walk in the door, and always make them feel good. I’m sure they would do the same for you.