Apartment Living Near Bricktown

Oklahoma has crafted a rich history throughout the years. One of the most notable areas of growth has taken place in our very own capital, Oklahoma City. What started out as a modest area of development and commerce has exploded into a multi-district, cultural hub. 

The area now known as Bricktown, just east of the downtown business district, was the core of distribution, connecting the state via railroads and interstate highways. Full of life, it only made sense for the area to begin expanding its retail shops, restaurants, and housing options. The Metropolitan Area Projects Initiative (MAPS) public facility enhancement project in 1993 later introduced a baseball stadium, a water taxi canal as well as several music venues.

Today, Bricktown is home to more than 45 businesses. Full of bustling energy, it has easily become one of Oklahoma City’s premier destinations for living. Acknowledging the draw of the siren, it only made sense for us to establish one of our properties in the area — La Villa. 

La Villa draws both students and professionals, anchored in Belle Isle and Nichols Hills areas. Only 13 minutes from Bricktown with access to Lake Hefner Parkway, Northwest Expressway, and Classen Curve, its residents have the opportunity to explore with ease. Whether you find yourself window shopping at Penn Square Mall or grabbing dinner with friends in Bricktown. You’ll find something for everyone right here in the heart of Oklahoma City.