Company is Coming!

You’re relaxing on the sofa with your feet kicked up, watching your favorite show on Netflix. You receive a text from one of your friends asking if you’d like to hang out in a few hours. You quickly reply yes and get back to your show (because you have loads of time). Countless episodes later you receive another text, “I’m on my way!” Stumbling over the rug, you scramble to get the apartment ready in time. You’re thinking to yourself, “Ugh, my place is a mess.” And by the time your guest arrives, you have a half-dusted, partially wiped, paper-stacked apartment with cleaning supplies still in sight.

Sound a little familiar?

We’ve all been there. You’d think that it’d be easy to get an apartment cleaned and ready, but the truth is — we get caught up. In a perfect world, we’d all have sparkling clean places mimicking the organization of an IKEA showroom. Unfortunately, the majority of us are swamped with work, extracurricular activities, appointments, assignments, events, not to mention Netflix bingeing! The next time you have company over, we have a game plan. Give yourself 15 minutes and we can guarantee they’ll walk into your apartment thinking it’s West Elm.

1. We must stash you a question.

When you’re in a rush, the easiest thing you can do (and probably the quickest) is stashing junk away. No, you can’t hide that junk mail pile under the rug… Invest in some great storage pieces. You’ll be able to store those messy paper stacks out of view for sorting later.

2. The living room

Stained cushions? Flip em. Sad-looking pillows, better get to fluffing. Fold your throw blanket and watch your living room slowly come together! Most often, this is where you’re guests will be spending most time so it’s important to tackle this first. Looking to add some instant coziness to the space? Get that Scentsy plugged in!

3. Down the hall, to your right.

The second most visited place in your apartment will be the bathroom. If you overlook this, you’re sure to have guests running out with hands in the air. Wipe those gobs of toothpaste from the sink and rinse away any soap residue. Pull the shower curtain closed to hide any grime and make sure that your toilet paper has been restocked.If you have some extra time, go ahead and swish a little bleach in the toilet bowl, no need to scrub. 

4. Avoid the glove test.

Grimy surfaces? You don’t have to have a fully stocked arsenal of cleaning products to give it a good wipe. Pair a sponge or scrubber with some warm water to tackle those everyday messes. Dealing with some splattered mirrors? Go over it with a rag and cleaning spray, drying it with a crumbled newspaper page. It’s an odd trick, but it zaps away those dreaded streaks.

5. The Floors

This is an especially important step if your guest will be taking off their shoes. Trust us, no one likes the crack of crumbs or the splat of yesterday’s leftovers. Also be sure to watch out for those carpet dust bunnies, they’ll static cling to those socks!