A Checklist for Pet-Friendly Apartments in Norman


As a pet owner, you want to live in a community that treats you and your fur baby like family. However, finding that kind of apartment can be tricky in a larger city. If you’re hunting for a new place and need some advice for making the move as comfortable as possible, our team at Northstar has you covered.

Our apartments in Norman provide the best in pet-friendly living. To create a space that’s suitable for cats, dogs and human alike, here’s a checklist of things to consider.


Durable Furniture

Keeping furniture intact is a common issue among pet owners — especially with cats. Invest in some vertical and horizontal scratching posts to keep them from tearing up your furniture. And if that doesn’t work, double-sided sticky tape can serve as a temporary fix.


The War on Pet Hair

Though we love our little furball friends, it’s no surprise that pet hair has a tendency of getting everywhere. You may want nice furniture, but keep this aspect in mind. Avoid microsuede and other materials that attract pet dander. We recommend investing in thicker fabrics like canvas and leather, which are much easier to clean.


Chew Toy Diversions

Training a new puppy not to chew? To keep dogs from demolishing your house slippers, try sprinkling a little cayenne pepper on items you don't want them messing with. And don’t worry, it’s completely non-toxic. There are also some deterrent sprays you can look into at pet stores.


Houseplant Dangers

If you love gardening, make sure to do your research. Some houseplants like aloe vera and rosemary are poisonous to dogs while daisies, roses and other flowers are bad for cats. To determine if your plants are safe for a pet, click here to check out the toxic and non-toxic list created by the ASPCA.

To find out if certain plants are safe for your pet, click here to check out the toxic and non-toxic list created by the ASPCA.


“Fur” Baby-Proofing

Curiosity is understandable, but sometimes pets have a way of venturing into an off-limits territory. Use handle locks on closets to keep cats and dogs from nestling in your clothes. And if you live on an upper floor, make sure your screens are secure when opening windows on warm days. The last thing you need is Fluffy scaling the building.


Alternative Bathrooms

If you have a cat, use a top loaded litter box. This allows you to add more litter and encourages them to fully cover their waste — reducing tracking. Lining the liter box with baking soda is another way to help absorb odors.

As for dogs who can’t go outside during the day, they may benefit from puppy pads or disposable potty grass. You also have the option of hiring a dog walker so your dog can get some fresh air and exercise.

Extra Tip: For accidents on the carpet, blot (don’t rub — it’ll set in the stain) and use cleaners containing enzymes that neutralize the uric acid.


Minimizing Noise and Stress

Excessive barking and running back and forth is a sure-fire way to anger neighbors. Put down rugs on hardwood floors to help insulate the noise. Another thing you’ll want to do is ask yourself, “Why is my pet acting this way?” Their noisy or destructive behavior could stem from boredom or separation anxiety. If the latter, doggy daycare or hiring a dog walker would be beneficial.


Ready to Start Apartment Hunting?

In addition to the tips above, it’s also important to ask leasing agents if the apartment offers pet-friendly outdoor spaces to run and play. Be prepared to pay the associated pet fees, though.

This generally includes a non-refundable charge or a month “insurance” fee, depending on the apartment. Once you’ve found a good home for you and your pet, make sure to get the agreement in writing to avoid any “surprises” on move-in day.

Northstar has five pet-friendly apartments in Norman we’d love for you to call home. To schedule a personal tour one of one these properties, reach out to our leasing agents today!


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