Small Apartment Communities in OKC, Huge Benefits for Residents

Small apartment

Oklahoma City has a lot to offer its residents from the low cost of living to fun annual events. If you're moving to a small apartment community, you won’t have a shortage of things to love about the city.

OKC is undergoing a steady revitalization including new river attractions, delicious eateries in Bricktown and Midtown’s transformation into one of Oklahoma’s premiere nightlife districts. There is something to discover for everyone.

Here are just a few of the great things you’ll enjoy by moving to OKC.


1.  The Dollar Goes a Long Way in OKC.

The cost of living in Oklahoma City is lower than many of the large US cities, which means there is more you can do with your dollar other than pay for rent.  It might mean beefing up your savings account, or enjoying a few of the many entertainment options the city offers.  Not to mention, your enjoyable night on the town can be fun even with a small budget.


2.  It’s One of the Top Seven Places to Raise a Family.

With many education options available for your children, Oklahoma City is one of the top cities in the US for new families.  If you are a parent with a career, never fear because Oklahoma city is one of the top ten least expensive cities for child care.

Oklahoma City also has some of the highest high school graduation rates among top cities in the US.  The time and effort moving here are well worth it for your kids.  Once they graduate, there are plenty of options for higher education as well in and around the city.

There are also plenty of family-fun activities including the Oklahoma City Zoo, Botanical Garden, and Children’s Theater.


3.  College Students Thrive in OKC

OKC is in the top ten cities in the US for college graduation rates. The schools have a variety of degree options and specialties from law to engineering.

An excellent education and a booming economy mean many recent grads are keeping their roots here. Oklahoma City is also one of the top cities in the US for arts and entertainment, and we have some of the best bars and restaurants in the US. A college student not only has access to a fantastic education but plenty of after-class activities.


4.  You Can Enjoy All Four Seasons During the Year.

Sure, Oklahoma does have a reputation for some wild weather, but for most of the year, you’ll enjoy a reasonably mild climate. Most importantly, you’ll get to experience all four seasons from chilly winter mornings to hot summer afternoons by the saltwater pool at La Villa.  

This great weather helps put Oklahoma City in the top ten cities for city parks.  Enjoy the Myriad Botanical Gardens and their year-round events.

If you have a dog, Oklahoma City welcomes you.  Enjoy the outdoors with your furry friend at one of the many dog parks.  OKC’s Paw Park is regarded as one of the best in the nation.


5.  It’s on WalletHub’s 2017 List of Happiest Places to Live.

It’s hard not to smile in such a great town. With a low cost of living, low unemployment rates and fun activities, it opens up the possibilities for families to thrive.

There is so much to do and see in and around Oklahoma City.  Traveling out of the city is a breeze since it is the center of almost everything.  It is just a few hours of driving for you to the next big city if you need a weekend away.


6.  Oklahoma City Made the Top 20 Places in the US for Jobs.  

That's right; we beat out Seattle, Atlanta, and Washington DC, which means you will be in a prime location for building your career.  Searching for jobs is a breeze.

In addition to a low cost of living, you can enjoy a booming economy with plenty of employment opportunities.  Oklahoma City has one of the lowest rates of unemployment among top US cities beating out several Texas cities such as Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.  

7.  It’s Okay to Start Small

Ready to make the jump to living in OKC? It’s okay to start somewhere small. Oklahoma City consistently ranks as one of the most affordable places to rent in the nation.   

In fact, there are plenty of benefits for living in a small apartment community. It might be easier to get to know your neighbor a little better. It’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to be a number at the complex where they live.

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