Small Space, Big Problem?

Unless you’re reading this blog, that is. Whether you’re a student, young professional, or just in need of some workspace, locating enough space to lug a huge desk can be difficult. We’re here to share with you, that it’s easy to find - it just takes a bit of creativity. Here are five functional pieces to spark your imagination! 


This is a great piece that can run the length of the room. It can act both as a display and provide some extra work space. Think minimal furniture for this one, that way you can transition it from a desk to extra seating for guests! 

Window Sill

If you’re working with some seriously tiny space, this is a great option. It only requires the depth of a chair and a window (but we figured that was kind of obvious). This is also a great space to shed some natural lighting, helping to expand the room visually. 

Desk via Night Stand

Who said you had to choose? We suggest sticking with a small minimal design for an easy transformation! The chair can be used at the desk, or in the corner with a throw blanket. Talk about multitasking. 

Wall Mount

Wall space is the most underutilized. Bring the idea of a desk off the floor and start thinking vertical. We love how this designer took advantage of a small, awkward space and made it a fully functional for work! 

Desk via Side Table

Similar to the nightstand, using a desk as a living area side table is also a great option for apartment spaces. The designer here opted for a small desk and utilized storage in a series of shelves above. This would be a fantastic way to frame a wall gallery!