What do you look for when apartment shopping? 

Apartment hunting can be tough. Deciding what type of amenities you want to have access to, determining the ideal location of your complex in relation to the rest of your everyday obligations and choosing whether to sign with an all-bills-paid lease or to choose to pay your own monthly bills- there is a mile long list of things to consider when you are searching for your new home. The NorthStar OKC team has broken down some of the factors that we think are important in determining where you should live. 


The amenities that are included in your monthly fee are important when you are comparing different complexes and leases. Is it important for you to have laundry facilities in your unit or is a community laundry complex all that you need? Would you and your kids like to have access to a swimming pool, tennis courts and volleyball courts? Do you have a pet and are looking for a pet friendly facility? The NorthStar OKC Properties each offer different amenities including a clubhouse, saltwater pools, tennis and volleyball courts, balconies and pet-friendly units. 


The idea of “all bills paid” lease and not having to worry about varying monthly utility expenses might sound grand, but does the benefit of not worrying bill-pay outweigh the potential limitations that come with having complete control over your utilities? Here at NorthStar OKC, we allow you to take the reigns on your utilities. We do not choose the temperature of your unit nor do we decide when the heater is turned on for the winter- all of those decisions are up to you. 


The location of a complex is a huge factor in deciding whether or not that would be a place that you would be willing to live at and commute from. Will you have a long commute during OKC rush hour traffic or will you find a home just a few minutes from your office? Our OKC complexes provide easy access to the city and are centrally located throughout the metroplex. 

Whether you are looking for luxurious or recreational amenities, utility control or easy access to the city, NorthStar Properties is the place for you!