Winter is coming... Wait, isn't it January?

It seems this year's winter weather arrived much later than expected. Despite it’s fashionably late arrival to the party, we still have all the tips you need to stay safe in the event of inclement weather.

Numero Uno:
Many of our apartment complexes have laundry stations out on the patio. While you’re scurrying back and forth from the washer trying to keep your hands from freezing, please make sure you keep the door to the laundry area closed while it’s not in use.

Number Two:
Brrrrr, it’s cold in here. Make sure you keep your thermostat is set on heat at a minimum of 65 degrees. If you go out of town, this is especially important to remember. Without that heat, the pipes in your home are susceptible to bursting due to frozen water expanding within the pipes.

Three’s Company:
Fireplaces are great for staying cozy during cold nights, but make sure you're staying safe! Double check that the flue is open while your fireplace is in use, and ensure that you have a screen for your fireplace. A screen will prevent logs from rolling out and causing fires in your home. Because let's face it, your neighbors will be quite angry if you burn down the building.

Four Score and Seven Years Ago:
Keep an eye out for freeze warning signs placed around your property. Take extreme caution both while driving and walking to prevent accidents from occurring. Also, be sure that you're letting your faucets drip when you’re not using them and keeping your cabinet doors open to prevent your pipes from freezing.

They say better safe than sorry, and we couldn't agree more. Even when the temperature is above freezing, be sure to continue abiding by these guidelines for safe measure! Stay tuned for our second round of safety tips in our next blog.