Winter Safety Tips: Round Two

staying safe throughout the winter season. What number did we end on? Four?

Ice, ice, baby. Keep in mind, that beyond the common areas of resident traffic, we do not clear ice and snow from our properties. What does that mean for you? Free stuff! Don’t get ahead of yourselves, though. There’s no money or food involved. Since we do not clear ice and snow from our walkways, we are offering free ice melt for you to take care of any areas you see fit. You can pick up some ice melt at the office, or the mailbox kiosks.

Number six:
Frozen pipes? Sorry, Elsa. We're not letting that go. If you have a faucet that’s running slow or not running at all, then you may likely have a frozen pipe. We’re not saying you should run for your life or anything. However, this is can definitely be labeled as an emergency situation. If you notice any of these signs in your apartment, please contact customer service immediately.

Seventh Heaven:
Alas, we have arrived at our last tip for staying safe this winter. Keep in mind that you are responsible for reporting maintenance issues that you see in your unit. These include, but are not limited to heat lamp and furnace malfunctions. As your lease mentions, damages to your unit that result from lack of taking precautions will be the responsibility of the resident. That includes taking care of gas and electric services in the name of the lease holder

Northstar Properties holds no insurable interest in the resident’s belongings, and as always, recommends that the resident secures their own insurance to themselves and their property.